How to Level up Fast in Manok Na Pula?

There are up to 1000 levels in the Manok Na Pula – Multiplayer, and progressing to the maximum level requires some great time and effort. If you want to reach the top level and get all its perks early, then this guide is for you!

Today, we are sharing smart tips and tricks about how to level up fast in Manok Na Pula. From unlocking the powerful chicken to playing with clever strategies, we will help you progress really quickly and get max level 1000. So, let’s take your game to the next level!

How to Level up Fast in Manok Na Pula

Tip 1: Understand Game Mechanics

Having a better understanding of game rules is what makes you a good player. So the first thing is to practice hitting first and get maximum XP points. Besides this, make sure to spend your in-game money wisely.

Playing with the strongest chicken is important to win every match in Manok Na Pula. When you play with the most powerful rooster, your chances of winning are always high. Therefore, you will win almost every match and be rewarded with more XP points to increase your level faster.

Tip 2: Unlock the Most powerful Chicken

As we discussed above, winning every match is important to earn more XP-level points, and playing with best chicken makes it easy. You can unlock every legendary character with our Manok Na Pula Mod APK Unlimited Money and Eye. Many players around the globe are using it to progress fast in the game.

In this version, you will get unlimited in-game coins to unlock every mythical chicken character. You can even unlock level 20 Sarimanok in just one click. It is safe to use, but keep in mind that the modified app is for just entertaining purposes.

Tip 3: Play More Campaign Mode

Manok Na Pula provides different action modes. Among them, campaign and classic are widely played modes. Campaign mode can be played offline, while classic is a multiplayer mode that requires an internet connection.

If you eagerly want to get the max level then make sure to play more campaign matches compared to classic matches. It is because every time you win a campaign match, you are rewarded with 150 to 500 XP-level points. To get the most out of this method, we have tailored the next part for it.

Tip 4: Use Auto Clicker

One of the best tricks to reach Manok Na Pula level 1000 easily is to use any auto clicker app. It can be used to automatically & continuously touch the selected portion of a device screen. You can easily download it from the Play Store link from here.

Now get to the point: Play the campaign mode and fine-tune the auto-click icon on three parts. Place the first click icon on ‘Full Money,’ the second click on ‘Tap To Restart The Match,’ and the third click on ‘Collect Rewards.’ You can customize the intensity of AutoTouch by tapping on each icon. It will help adjust the automatic touch speed you want.

Once you’ve set up the controls, hit the Resume button on the sidebar and leave the rest to the AutoClicker. Watch a short YouTube video below for a better understanding of how you can use this method.

From being able to upgrade any chicken to the highest powers to unlocking all the amazing locations, becoming a top-level player gives you many bonus rewards. Below are all the benefits you will get at level 1000.

  • Unlocked all chicken max level
  • Unlock access to all 29 places and 41 chickens
  • Upgrade any chicken to top attack and health power
  • You can unlock the mythical Sarimanok
  • Always a high chance of match-winning
  • Unlimited money and dragon eye

Yes, the game is free to play. You can play it offline anytime.

The mythical Sarimanok is the strongest Chicken, which can be unlocked at the XP level 1000. You can defeat all other chickens with the most powerful Sarimonak, but you can only get it by reaching the highest level 1000.


Manok Na Pula max level is much easier if you play this game with our tips and tricks. We have explained how you can get the max level faster by learning the game rules. Now you can reach the highest level of the game without having to break a sweat. So go ahead and use these smart strategies to take your game to the ultimate level.

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