How To Unlock Monkey 4 Evolve In Manok Na Pula?

If you want to play with the super strongest manok of all time and can’t wait to unlock it, then you have to read our guide. Discover all the possibilities of unlocking the new fighting character and be at the top of this cock fighting game.

In this blog, you will find all the possible ways to get the new supercharacter before the update. I have tailored some points where you can learn how to unlock Monkey 4 Evolve now. You can also watch the attached video for better understanding.

unlock monkey 4 evolve in manok na pula

What is Monkey 4 Evolve?

With each new update of Manok Na Pula, the developers add new chicken characters to the game, so that players get excited about what’s coming next.

Recently added in the latest version, Monkey 4 Evolve also known as Goku 4 is a new super character. However, players can only unlock it in the upcoming update that is yet to be released soon.

Goku 4 is introduced to be a monkey-tailored character who has the strongest attack and defense power, which is why he is considered the most dangerous character of all time.

Speaking about his strength, Goku 4 is named after a super warrior species called Sayians. A species that likes to fight and protect their family till their last breath.

It’s a big milestone for the game to add this everyone’s favorite character. It comes with new challenges, opportunities, and more fun, making it a big goal for many players and content creators alike.

Get New Super Chicken Free

‘Panu Makuha Ang Monkey 4 Evolve Sa Manok Na Pula?’ Many of my friends from the Philippines keep asking me this question. So guys here is the answer and solution to this question.

Don’t forget that all the players can access this new character after the upcoming update. However, you might have noticed some of the players already unlocked the super chicken. You can also get it now by using our patched APK.

Yes, “Manok Na Pula Mod APK” is the improved version of the cock fighting game that not only unlocks all chickens to max level but also gives you unlimited dragon eyes and money.

By using our latest enhanced version, you can easily get this new character for free. You can even upgrade it to max level without spending money. It’s completely free!

Below you can watch a short tutorial video that demonstrates how you can unlock and upgrade Goku in just one click. Using our latest patched apk, we’ve upgraded the super cock with the free money and dragon eye. You will also get free unlimited money to buy everything in the Red Chicken game. How cool?

Once you successfully unlock it, you’ll enter into the new heights of the game. It’s like a significant achievement within the game. And why not? Goku 4 has the powerful ability to defeat all of his rivals. Even you can defeat the ostrich with just one hit.

Yes, when you will play the game with this new chicken character, you will feel like you have super powers to beat any players. That’s why it is considered the strongest rooster.

Final Words

Many players were attempting hard to unlock Monkey 4 Evolve in Manok Na Pula, but we have solved this problem by providing a comprehensive guide. Now you can easily access this new character all while spending zero in-game coins. So go ahead and play with your favorite chicken all while enjoying new challenges. Share this guide with your companions and stay tuned for more amazing tips and tricks.

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